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We are preparing a calendar of events that will evolve around the enjoyment of Chocolate starting in 2022. Watch this page for future event listings...or better yet, sign up for our newsletter, and make sure you never miss an update.


Chocolate 101

Learn about the history and evolution of chocolate while tasting what makes a great chocolate. Many of the sensory evaluations done in wine tasting are exactly what we will be using to truly appreciate the characteristics of really awesome chocolate……and the rapidly growing field of “Craft Chocolate”.


Chocolate Fountain Event

Your house or ours!? Whether you are looking to host an event of your own, or would rather come in to partake in ours, our chocolate fountains make for a delicious way to share the joy of chocolate with everyone.


Wine and Chocolate Pairings

An evening of tasting milk, dark, and white chocolate with a variety of wines and dessert wines to get the perfect blend of each complementing the other.


Make Your Own Candy Bar

Sometimes a kid’s event, we can also spruce it up to be great for a private party of adults as well. Prize goes to the best all around favorite!

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