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Our story

Bespoke Chocolate was created to provide a product line and educational/entertainment to the Eastern Shore that will adapt and continually change with the seasons and holiday expectations of our customer following.

We first opened our doors on December 1, 2021 to a wildly popular holiday season. What was originally envisioned as a part time project in chocolatiering quickly grew to meet the interests of the community, now offering seasonal gifts for all times and holidays and an ever-increasing selection of chocolates and other treats.

We have also been excited to partner with other local business and organizations for special events, including Washington College, the Sultana Education Foundation, and local vineyards and restaurants. We also offer unique creations for occasions such as weddings and corporate events. Interested in partnering with us? Reach out to us at and let's see what we can do together!

Paramount, is our mandate to only use and support Fair Trade Cocoa Farming. 

The developing countries in Africa and South America that grow the world’s cocoa beans, historically paid starving wages and used slavery as a means to capitalize on the world’s love of chocolate. In Ghana and the Ivory Coast, the two largest contributors of chocolate in the world, farmers will make as little $0.50 per day. Fairtrade International (FLO) created an international standard for the minimum price fair trade cocoa farmers receive per ton of cocoa.

Our Goals


Provide the freshest and best tasting chocolate products


Treat every customer as our friend, with our desire to create “wow” experiences


Be actively involved in the local community as a supporter and as a participant


Provide educational and fun events to expand the knowledge and awareness of chocolate

Be a “preferred employer” providing our team members excellent pay, continued growth, and a strong

sense of ownership and belonging.

Special Events

Chocolate 101

Learn about the history and evolution of chocolate while tasting what makes a great chocolate. Many of the sensory evaluations done in wine tasting are exactly what we will be using to truly appreciate the characteristics of really awesome chocolate……and the rapidly growing field of “Craft Chocolate”.


Wine and Chocolate Pairings

An evening of tasting milk, dark, and white chocolate with a variety of wines and dessert wines to get the perfect blend of each complementing the other.

Stay actively involved in our growth and changes by signing up for our Newsletter…or better still, join the Chocolatier's Club and never miss an event; have first option on our limited offerings, and enjoy your monthly free chocolate selections.    
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