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Our chocolate shop opened December 1st, 2021, and it's been a wild ride meeting the chocolate needs of the Eastern Shore. To see what our shop has to offer, simply look below, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to keep up to date and informed every step of the way. 

A mix of dark, milk, and white chocolate truffles with a variety of decorations.

Chocolate Truffles

We offer over 25 different types of truffles, with a range of flavors, chocolate coatings, and decorations. Each truffle is filled with a creamy ganache that is sure to delight, in flavors such as caramel, raspberry, hazelnut, mint, and amaretto. Pop one of our bite-size truffles right into your mouth, or savor the flavor with one of our alcohol-infused truffle logs - each one a 3- to 4- bite treat! See our key of flavors to identify which is which.

Chocolate Truffles

Fresh Fudge

We make our fudge right in the store. Our ever-growing selection of flavors includes classics like Peanut Butter Chocolate, Sea Salt Caramel, and Mint Chocolate, as well as fascinating new flavors like Tiramisu and even Maple Bacon! Sampling is always encouraged. Plus: When you buy two pieces, you also get a third one for free!
Click here to learn more about our fudge.

An assortment of 10 different flavors of fudge.
Fresh Fudge
A gift box filled with assorted chocolates.

Great Gifts

Looking to celebrate? To send someone a thank-you or a special treat just because? We've got you covered! Choose from a wide range of ready-made gift options for any occasion, browse our seasonal selection that includes options tied to every major holiday and occasion, or put together your own custom gift that's sure to be a unique treat.

Great Gifts


Mix-and-match to put together your own box of chocolates! Choose from classics like peanut butter cups, mints, toasted coconut clusters, creams, jellies, chocolate-covered pretzels, caramels, and toffee. Plus: Chocolate-covered delights such as Oreos, marshmallows, orange peel, and ginger, dipped fresh in the store!

A white chocolate heart surrounded by a wide assortment of other chocolates.
Old Time Favorites
Turtle Mosaique Collection.jpg

Specialty Flavors

Some chocolate hardly looks like chocolate! Enjoy hand-painted delights, which are a gorgeous work of art even before you get to the flavor within, as well as unique tastes and custom creations you won't find anywhere else. We're always looking for new ways to further the art of Chocolatiering and fascinate the senses.

Exotic Chocolates

And More!

Enjoy hot cocoa mixes, cinnamon-glazed roasted nuts (roasted fresh in the store!), chocolate bars, hard candy, seasonal treats, custom designs just for you, and more...

And More
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